The Principal Consultant

Martin L. Cook Jr. Founder and CEO of Kinesthetics, Inc., is an inspirational speaker, trainer, facilitator, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) instructor. Martin’s workshops fit best for clients who are forward thinking and open to viewing projects, topics, and skills from a holistic approach.

After earning his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Martin gained his expertise and knowledge from both the energy and telecommunications private sectors. As an engineer with over seventeen years of experience, Martin secured a unique combination of technical, analytical, and sales skills necessary to engage a wide array of customer issues. A few of Martin’s skills include System Engineering, Customer Support, Quality Control, and Mentoring and Team Development.

Some of Martin’s Achievements:

• Bell Laboratories President’s Gold Award as a member of the Net Inventory and Net View Team
• Lucent Milestone Award for significant contributions to the Software Feature Management Services Team
• Boy Scouts of America Chicago Area Council District Award of Merit
• Toastmasters International: First Place Area International Speech Contest

It was due to Martin’s involvement with the Boy Scouts of America, Junior Achievement, and Toastmasters International, that he discovered his passion for “downloading” character, leadership, and technical development strategies to both youth and adults. Through Martin’s curriculum, younger students receive the added bonus of STEM instruction particularly software applications and robotics … and how they can work together; while adult students benefit from learning to infuse an integrated approach towards strategizing, analyzing, and communicating. Clients such as Chicago Public Schools, YMCA, Boy Scouts of America, Trinity United Church of Christ, Mid America Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel, and the Loudoun Museum of Virginia have lauded Martin for his “innovative” approach in delivering his content.
One subject that has affected Martin, in particular, is the aviation industry. Martin L. Cook Sr., Martin’s father, was a Tuskegee Airman. Specifically, Martin Sr. was a bomber pilot who flew B-25 Mitchell’s, PT-17s, and other aircraft during the World War II era. Armed with countless stories shared by his father and current members of the Tuskegee Airmen, Inc., Chicago Chapter, Martin is not only able to continue to “keep alive” the Tuskegee Experience, but is also able to convey the story “the right way”.

Although entertaining, Martin's message is grounded in real world results with information, strategies and tactics that any business, employee, or student can use to be more productive and profitable. Contact Martin especially if you want to learn more about how everyone is MITE (pronounced Mighty) and how to use these skills to gain more from your experience. Click on the Programs tab for more information on his services such as:

• Effective Leadership Strategies
• The Tuskegee Airmen Experience: An Untold Perspective
• Current Communication Technology Issues
• The Engineering Profession: Why You May Want To Consider Pursuing It.
• Coding Android Mobile Applications
• Arduino and Raspberry Pi Exploration/Integration
• Presentation Skills Development
• Interviewing Skills Augmentation
• Communication Skills Training
• Dealing with Difficult people
• Managing and Working with others in a culturally diverse environment
• Conflict Resolution Training
• Conflict Management Training

Martin is married and resides with his three children in Chicago, IL. He travels extensively throughout the United States presenting on his specialty topics.

Whether one wants to be more effective in their leadership skills, communication skills or coding expertise, it all boils down to connecting one seemingly unrelated dot to another. The sooner that we learn to relate past events experienced with present transactions, the better equipped we will be to handle the future.

- Martin L. Cook Jr.