Q. What is Kinesthetics?

A. "Kinesthetic" is an adjective that describes something that exhibits the sense that detects bodily position, weight, or movement of the muscles, tendons, and joints. Kinesthetic learners use the whole body while learning, and usually have a high level of gross motor-skill controls. This makes kinesthetic learners exceed in areas such as athletics, acting and dance. Tactile learners best learn through the sense of touch. These learners love to use their hands to learn new information. Therefore, Kinesthetic is whole body movement, while Tactile is feeling through the fingertips. An individual's body is a system in itself. Collectively, as a group of individuals , or even as a society, we are a system. Individuals are most effective when they interface with the external system after they become more in tune with the internal system.
Some organizations, though well intentioned, are little more than “talking heads”. Good ideas and messages are often lost soon after delivery. We, at Kinesthetics, aim for developmental permanence.

Q. Most companies that offer similar services are non-profit. Why is your business model different?

A. At Kinesthetics, we believe that our youth, adults, and those in career transition are our future. Have you heard that before? We believe that we must invest in our future. You have heard that before as well, right? Some Non-Profits Organizations (i.e. 501-(c)(3) are very well intentioned and do an excellent job at providing necessary services. ... but they are limited to the amount of funding they receive ... this translates to the amount of of resources (i.e. money, staff, etc.) allocated to you. For-Profit is value driven. Those willing to pay for a service, should receive value for their payment. Remember the old adage "You get what you pay for" ?