About Kinesthetics

Kinesthetics is a company dedicated to Unlocking Talents, Opening Minds, and Developing Leaders.

Kinesthetics? Why the name?

"Kinesthetic" is an adjective that describes something that exhibits the sense that detects bodily position, weight, or movement of the muscles, tendons, and joints. Kinesthetic learners use the whole body while learning, and usually have a high level of gross motor-skill controls. This makes kinesthetic learners exceed in areas such as athletics, acting and dance. Tactile learners best learn through the sense of touch. These learners love to use their hands to learn new information. Therefore, Kinesthetic is whole body movement, while Tactile is feeling through the fingertips. An individual's body is a system in itself. Collectively, as a group of individuals , or even as a society, we are a system. Individuals are most effective when they interface with the external system after they become more in tune with the internal system.
Some organizations, though well intentioned, are little more than “talking heads”. Good ideas and messages are often lost soon after delivery. We, at Kinesthetics, aim for developmental permanence.


Kinesthetics supports Social Emotional Learning (SEL) by providing seminars, workshops, classroom interactive programs and most importantly follow up services that develop youth and young adults so that they can acquire the necessary skills to successfully transition into productive students, employees, or business owners. We emphasize to youth the importance of earning their education, developing their character, preparing for the workforce and defining their destination.


EVERYONE HAS VALUE. Equipped with a winning combination of an abundance of talents and core character elements, the board, volunteers and staff of Kinesthetics envision a bright future for our youth and young adults. By navigating pathways supported by our network of schools, churches, non-profit organizations, and private companies our clients will realize their fullest potential.

Statement of Values

• Kinesthetics Inc. values accountability, confidentiality, honesty, integrity, respect and trust. We practice and live these qualities when we engage our clients, staff, board members, and other individuals and groups with whom we interact.

• Kinesthetics is committed to the social and emotional welfare of its clients. Therefore, the needs of the client(s) come first.

• Kinesthetics values the potential of each individual. We respect the contribution each person has to offer. We not only honor what is different among people, but what they share as well. We believe that this quality enables us to be more effective when we respond to the changing needs of our youth and young adults.